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Web design

 You may not know exactly how to design a web site, much less create a web site yourself or you just may not have the time but this is where we can help.   What you need to do is as easy as  1,2,3!

1) Start with the "website starter pack".
2) Add on the "optional extras" you require.
3) Contact us.

If you prefer you can contact us first and we can talk you through steps 1 and 2 for free :-)

 1 Website starter pack

 This package is a complete turnkey solution for a business website, competively priced at €299 initial set up fee and €75 per annum for hosting.  The following are included:

  • Website design:
    • Logo design and creation.
    • Joomla theme installation and configuration (colour scheme etc).
    • Menus and layout
    • Basic template (not adaptive)
  • Joomla content management system allowing the website owner to add and update content pages.
  • Site search.
  • Content pages (5). Extra pages will be €25-50 per page (depending on content and features, complex pages may cost more.).
  • Onsite search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
    • Keyword selection.
    • Domain name choice.
    • Website and content built with onsite SEO best practise.
    • Basic on site search engine optimisation.
    • Registration of sitemap with Google.
    • Installation of Google analytics
  • Cloud based Hosting.
    • Extensive service level agreement (SLA) for network (99.9% uptime guarantee) and support.
    • Automated backups twice a day for database and files.
    • Regular upgrades to Joomla software.
    • Email support.

2  optional extras

 Priced at €50 to €100 each  these optional extras allow you complete flexibility in choosing the features you want.

  • Blog: A very popular and convenient way for the website owner to publish regular short updates, news, gossip  or information.  The content  may be quite informal and the layout is "newspaperlike".
  • Mini blog: A more graphically lead blog layout which is  becoming much more popular now.  
  • Social media links: A very important part of offsite Search Engine Optimisation.  This allows anyone to easily put links to the customers website onto their social media pages, helping people find your site and improving search rankings.
  • Adaptive template: Template that automatically resizes the website features and content so that it displays in a legible manner on most devices and screen sizes including iphones, tablets, widescreen monitors etc.
  • Social Media follow: Allow your customers to "follow" or "like" your facebook page without leaving your website.  Also available for Pinterest and Twitter etc. 
  • Social Media share:  Allows the customer and anyone viewing the website to easily and quickly put a link to a page on  the site onto their social media page.  This is very important for offsite SEO.  Offsite SEO is all about incoming links and social media has a big part to play in this.
  • Contact form:  A simple and quick way for your customers to contact you with sales or other enquiries and also allow you to capture their email address.
  • Slideshow: A sliding / scrolling series of pictures which can be used to promote your products and/or location and serves to add visual impact to your website.
  • Picture gallery: A presentation of pictures in gallery format used to promote your products and/or location and serves to add visual impact to your website.
  • Google analytics: Very important for Search Engine optimisation.  With Google analytics you can track users accessing your website in detail. This can be used to validate the website initially and also to monitor marketing efforts etc. 
  • Google webmaster tools: Allows us to see your website as Google sees it and avoid any problems with your Google search engine optimisation.
  • Banner advertisements: Banner shaped advertisement space that can allow rotation of ads, monitoring of views and click through. 
  • Location Map: A Google map with your business address and location on it.  A very easy way for customers to find or even  get directions to your business.
  • Stock photos (approx 10): We can select  photos with your input to include in your website.
  • Many more extras available (just ask).

3 Contact us

Contact us



  • The website owner is responsible for providing the content for the website (words and pictures).  We can use stock photographs of course with your input.
  • Domain name registration generally costs between €10 and €25 per annum and is not included in the costs above, nor are any fees that may be charged by third parties for domain name transfers.