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Get Found!

Don't let your website get lost on the internet "GET FOUND!".  If your website is not performing for you, you need more business / referrals from your web site, your website not being found by enough people.  We can help.  The key to getting found on the web is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Find out what can be improved on your site for SEO.   We include onsite SEO in our Website Starter Pack and also offer a seperate offsite SEO service.

“GET FOUND!”  – analysis and report:

For an introductory special price of €100 we will do a detailed analysis of your website and produce a detailed report under the main headings below.  These are headings only, the report covers more that 80 factors known to impact SEO.  As well as giving the top 5 priority recommended actions to improve your SEO  we will include recommendations in each section where there are SEO issues that could do with attention. We include a competitive analysis of  3 specific competitors websites, see where and how they may be beating you to the customers.

We will also give an idea of the impact of the changes and the difficulty to implement them.  Of course we do not implement the recomended  changes for the €100 but we can quote for this work if you wish.

Report Headings:

Top priorities: The top 5 things you should do to inporve your SEO. 
Visitors: Analysis on the visitor numbers you are getting their location and demographics.
Social Monitoring: Facebook like,shares and other social media information including impact on Google+ and twitter.
Mobile: How well does your site work on mobile devices?
SEO Basics: Are the onsite SEO basics in place such as an Xml sitemap etc? 
SEO Content: Is your content written in such a way as to help your site get found in web searches? 
SEO Links: Are links on your site such as to help your site get found in web searches? 
SEO Keywords: A very important part of SEO are your keywords right?
SEO Authority: Your ranking, main competitors etc. 
SEO Backlinks: Critical to SEO.  Who is linking to your site. 
Usability: How does your website usability (or lack thereof) affect SEO.
Security: How safe and trusted is your website?
Technologies: Check some technological items that might affect your SEO. 
Competitive Analysis: Compare your website to 3 specific competitors websites, see where they may be beating you to the customers.

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