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Webstores - What can I have and how much will it cost?

The answer is that you can have whatever you want and it's free.  All of the examples mentioned below are free software.  You can download and install them yourself for no charge.   Of course there are a few catches! There are a few things to keep in mind.  If you know a good bit about software, servers and the web you do all of this yourself:


  • Hosting:  A service offered by a hosting company where basically you can hire a piece of a machinery and some services needed to run your website.  We use Blacknight for sites we host and cloudaccess for Joomla managed hosting.
  • Installation:  Dwnload and install the software needed to run your webstore (more details below).
  • Maintenance:  Some of this will be looked after by your hosting company and some of it will not.  You need to  be careful here, some of the things to watch out for are: 
    • Security of your system - this needs looking after so you don't get hacked.
    • Upgrades of software like apache etc that your website needs.  Most hosting companies will look after this.
    • Updates of the actual software that runs your website (eg magento, prestashop).  This is vital so that your store stays working as it should and for security reasons.  Most hosting companies DO NOT do this.
    • Backups of your files and database.  Critically important so that if somehting goes wrong you can get your store back up and running quickly easily and cheaply.

Now if that sounds like something you would not be happy to look after yourself then you need someone else to do it for you.  The main thing that you will be charged for is the person's time.