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Updated web site - what happens to the old links?

If you have an old website that has been around a while and then upgrade it in order to update your business' online presence.  The old website will have some  links to it on the web (on social media and other websites).   Now what happens to those links when you get the new site built?

Any good web design company will realize the value of these links and have a plan to preserve them.  Of course these links are a hugely important part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and worth their weight in gold.  Given that the links are to the content on your old website and the link preservation plan should go alongside a content migration strategy.

Part of any website update is to bring any valuable content from the old site into the new one.  The second part is to look for links to your old website on the web and make sure that these work on the new site.  We know it sounds impossible as the links are not on your website but TO it but it is actually quite easy if you know how (to be technical for a minute we use a '301 redirect').  This is VERY important.

If I didn't do look after this then the search engines would have a pile of links to your old site in their index that no longer work.  Search engines hate "broken links".  They really punish a site for this in terms of search ranking and it can take months to come back from it.

The bottom line:  If you are thinking about updating your website ask the web designed about content migration and link preservation.