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Choosing the right website name

Choosing the right web site name (otherwise known as a domain name) is very important.  We have a few tips for you to consider when choosing a domain name.

1) Include your keywords. These are the key terms that can be used to identify your business.  You should have as many of these as you can in your website name.

2) Keep it short and sweet! Of course this is a compromise with point 1) above.  Longer web site names take longer to type in and are harder to remember.

3) Use a dot com. This is a little controversial but in our experience most web users believe all web sites begin with www and end in .com .  If you have a .ie or or the like then a lot of people will type in the name of the site wrong.  If you happen to have a competitor using then you will be giving them business.

4) Make it understandable. For example websites like Dublin Hillwalking or Hotmail are  pretty self explanatory.  Sites like flikr or google have had to far more marketing initially to get to the point where people know what they do.

5) Make it memorable. Some web site names are more memorable than others.  There is no hard and fast rule to this but use your judgement.  You might try the "rememorability test".   Try telling a few people that you trust  your website name (before registering it).  Ask them the next day and see how many remember it.

6) Check and register. When you are checking availability be ready to register the name.  We have checked names on a few occasions and not registered them. When we went back the next day they were gone.  We suspect this is not co-incidental.