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Stamullen, Meath, Ireland

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Website prototyping

Prototype the website and improve until it is finished...

The key premise here is that many people who need a website find it difficult to imagine the screens and features that they will be getting without seeing them.  It is very hard to explain something as complex as a website in details before producing it.  Rather than explaining what you will get we will show you what you will get.  You will then understand what is being done and can make some informed decisions about the website during the development process.

This method is known as  "prototyping".  We will first produce an incomplete but working version of the site.     When this is done we can meet to discuss or review the site.  During this review session we look at the site and improvements are discussed.  Afterwards these improvements are made to the site.  This "review and improve" cycle then happens 2 or 3 more times with us getting closer to the finished product until we are done!