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Top 5 Facebook scams


It seems sometimes that facebook is mostly made up of spam.  We thought we would write up something on this in the hope that it might help reduce it a little.  

We are talking about posts on facebook that do nothing other than attract likes, comments and shares for unscrupulous individuals. There are people out there that come up with this stuff to get you to like, comment or share to give themselves more status on facebook.

Why do people do this?  The answer is that not all facebook users are equal.  The more likes and shares you get the more people will see what you put on facebook. This is worth money and high ranking profiles and pages can change hands for a lot of money.   Be careful of doing anything on facebook where you need to like an app, fill in a survey or give an app access to your details.  This is how many of these these apps have a viral effect.

Here are the top 5 examples:

Fake features or apps

There is no way to "See who looked at my profile".  "dislike button" "colour changer", profile blocker" are  other fake apps.   Don't be fooled.

Legal notice of copyright to your content

Facebook already has terms add conditions in  place, these are not changing. Your posting or sharing of a "legal coryright notice" would have no effect on this anyway.

Enter a comment to see what happens

You know the one - you see a picture and you see written beside this "enter 1 to see what happens".  Well nothing happens! Adding a comment to a facebook post simply does that.  Nothing else will happen and you are merely lending weight to the scam as your friends will now see the post.

OGM, Shocking video

These usually start with - "Shocking - I can't believe she did this in front of all those people" There is no video, don't click on it.  Please don't agree to "update your video player if you are asked to.  This could install any kind of malware on your pc.

Like this nasty picture to stop child abuse or similar good cause.

You have to really question the motives of people who put these pictures up.  Of course these are good causes but we mean how exactly will liking the picture stop child abuse?

Free stuff

Free vouchers, gift cards, apple products etc.  Of course there are legitimate facebook promotions and competitions where you can win things but also a lot of fake ones.  If it seems to good to be true then it probably is. In any case don't send any of these to all of your friends unless you are sure it is valid.