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Top 3 social media mistakes and how to avoid them

Those running e-commerce websites are finding that social media can be used  to capture new customer and also to maintain and inform existing customers.  There are good and bad ways to use social media as follows.

You should have a goal

You need to have a clearly definable goal. This might be to have customers contact you about doing some business, to buy something on your web store or the like.  You should be using social media to "filter" customers towards this goal.  This can be done directly on facebook by clearly defining what you are selling and having your contact details on there.  You can also in a lot of cases sell directly on facebook - see Trinkets Jewellery`s store  on facebook as an example.  The alternative is to try to send more traffic to your web site.  Your wesbite should  clearly define what you are selling and include a "call to action" i.e. a prompt for people to contact you or buy something.  Contact us for more details or if you have any questions.

You should not send customers AWAY from your website with social media links:

Have you seen homepages with about a dozen links like "find us on facebook", "Follow us on Twitter" etc.?  These are often just links to the website's presence on the particular social media site.   It is hard to get customers to your website in the first place.   We think that these links offer customers a dozen ways to leave the website when they have just arrived!  As soon as they get to facebook or wherever they will get distracted by other things there.  Your opportunity to influence the customer is gone!

You should not spread yourself too thinly:

There's also the question to be asked: "is the website's  presence being actively maintained on the dozen or so social media sites?"

There is a better way!

Pick one or two sites:

Our advice is to start off with  a presence on one or two sites.  Facebook and Twitter would be good places to start.  This allows you to concentrate on building up a meaningful presence.    We doubt that running social media campaigns on more that a handful of sites is ever a good idea.

Keep them on your site:

You can introduce social media to your site without sending customers away.  Have a look below this article - those logos allow people to republish this article onto facebook, twitter etc without leaving this site.  We would strongly encourage you to do this if you believe there is any value in the article.  It means more links to your site and this is always a good thing.

You can also set up your business presence on facebook as a "fan page" rather than a "personal profile".  If you do this then you can add a "fanbox" to your website to allow people to "like" your business on facebook again without leaving your site.  There is an example of this on trinkets jewellery .