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My business is on facebook, this is free, why should I pay for a website?


 My business is on facebook, this is free, why should I pay for a website?  There are several reasons why you need a website...

Ownership:  On your website you can control the message you give your customers precisely.  More importantly if you spend a lot of time and money building up a presence on the web shouldn’t you own it? What happens if facebook changes drastically (and they have to start making money some time) or bombs then where will you be?   Facebook  has rights to  your facebook content. Facebook can shut your presence down for any breach of their guidelines including registering your business with a personal page.

Who actually sees your updates?

Not all of your friends or fans see your updates.  In fact the numbers that get an opportunity to see them can be quite low.  Who sees what is controlled by the edgerank algorithm.  You can pay to have more people see your message of course. We wonder where this is going?

Search Engine Optimization

No-one uses the golden pages any more nor do they use a search on social media to find local goods and services.  They use a web search.  When people search for keywords relevant to your business it is harder for a facebook page to be found that an optimised web site.  If you have no website try to search for the words people will use to find your type of business in your area.  For example for IT Pragmatix this could be "web design stamullen".  Have you tried this?  Do you (and your customers)  find your competitor’s websites?


Like it or not having a website is a sign that you are a credible business, in for the long haul.  We would think twice about doing business with a company where we can’t find their web site.

Direct marketing

Having a web site allows you to capture email addresses from your customers (with a newsletter sign up or such like).  This information is very valuable and far more permanent than social media fans.

Our advice

Make an investment in the future of your business and own your own website as the hub of your valuable online presence.  Use  facebook and other social media as a marketing tool and to attract customers to your website.