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Google+ your business

  Google+ is the new social network from Google.

With the recent updates in google search "search plus your world" your companies ranking in google search is strongly affected by it's prominence on Google+.  You don't have a corporate presence on Google+?  About time to get one...

If you are on Facebook or not you should want to check this out….

Do you hate the way everyone you know gets to see everything you put on Facebook? Maybe this is only a problem since your mother started using it!

Circle of friends

Google+ adds the idea of “circles” to social networking. You can easily organise your contacts into different “circles” and share information as you see fit with the different groups. Here’s how to do this: Click on the "circles" Icon (just before "Find People") at the top of the screen and then drag people from the list in to the circles below. This feature allows you to have different "circles" for different purposes. The "friends" group will not see everything meant for the "family" group, the "business" group probably don't want to see those embarrassing photos etc...

Google+ your business

If you use facebook to promote your business there are two main ways:

1) Check out the +1 button at the top of this screen. This allows you to give your endorsement (called a +1) to this web site. Your +1s can be seen by your contacts and they can use this information to judge the value of a web site.

2) You can now create a company page on Google+ soon - we did - have a look at IT Pragmatix on Google+ .  Watch this space for more details.


If you want to get on Google+ give us a shout.