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Offsite SEO

Sustainable business growth via offsite SEO

Offsite SEO Is a service we provide to help your site get found by your customers. This is an investment in your brand and gives sustainable numbers of visitors to your site in the medium to long term.

Offsite SEO helps your site move up the search rankings by creating links to your site on the web and encouraging others to do so through various means.  All of our offsite SEO is “white hat” – this means no funny stuff which could get you in trouble with the search engines.  We take great pride in not tricking our customers (unlike some).    We concentrate on organic link building, social media and local business directories. We take into account the latest Google updates such as penguin and Panda.

SEO is a medium term investment in that it takes some weeks to start to work and large effects generally take several months.

We can promise to do our best work for you and that we know what we are doing. We indulge in no black hat or dodgy behaviours that will damage your business. Using Google analytics you can log in see the results yourself in terms of hits to your site.

Offsite SEO KickStart

We  suggest a two month package to get you going whereby we do an intensive burst of work at the start and then follow up at regular intervals for 8 weeks - that's €300 in all.  

Offsite SEO maintenance

We can follow the “Offsite SEO KickStart”  with some regular work every per month if you should wish to avail of this  - this is €150 per Quarter.    We recommend that this service is taken for at least 6 months at a time and assessed on no more than a quarterly basis.