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Basic SEO

Relevant content, incoming links, website age - We all want people to see our website, otherwise why would we bother building it?  So aside from "pay by click" for advertising, which is for those with deep pockets, how can we achieve a high hit rate for our sites? The main way people find your pages on the web  is through search.  Once a high search ranking is achieved the hits come continuously and for free.  This is a great way  to promote your business.


Search – the basics

The majority of web searches are done on Google (over 85% in February 2012).  This article concentrates on Google search but the same principles apply to most search engines.   If you do a search using Google you may get millions of results. This means that millions of pages contain the words you put in your search. The results that are higher up the list (especially on the first page) are far more likely to be clicked on than those lower down. The order or ranking is not random.   The way the pages are ordered (search ranking) is really very involved with over 200 factors taken into account.  Let us simplify this down to the most important 3...

Getting hits through search is as easy as 1,2,3

To get a lot of hits through search you first need 1) RELEVANT CONTENT and 2) INCOMING LINKS.  Then 3) Site age comes into play: please read on to see how. 


 You must have original content which is relevant to your business so that people looking for this will find your website. You may not need to be an accomplished author to achieve this.  One example of this in action for an Ecommerce company would be the product descriptions here at Trinkets Jewellery.

 2) Links

 Links, links and more links! The more links to your site from high pagerank pages the better.

 3) Site age

 Where the age of the site comes in:

Google does not even rank most pages until they are 3 or 4 months old and also  the longer time your pages are around the more links they can accumulate.  The age of a site itself is taken into account as one of the important factors used in deciding how highly your page is ranked.  The significance of the page's age is not known exactly but we can say that one of our sites (Organic Green Fingers ) went from a pagerank 2 to a 4 overnight (and this was on it's first birthday). Just to note that a 4 is 100 times higher than a 2 Which is itself 100 times higher than a 0.


A high traffic website can't be created overnight but takes some time. So if you want a high ranking web site then our advice is:


  • As soon as you know what you want then register your domain immediatly and put something up there.  Even if this is just one page with some relevant content it is better than nothing.
  • Start to refine your ideas and build more content.
  • Start "link building".

 If you want to take some action on this why not give us a shout?