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2 simple ways to get your site up the google search rankings

 There are a lot of factors that the ranking system in Google (and the other search engines)  takes into account.  Some say there are as many as 350 things you need to consider to try and get your site higher in the search rankings.  Now if you, like us, think that life is too short for all of that fuss then here are the top two!

1) Content.
2) Links.

These two are by far the most important of all of the things you can work on.  We think we should elaborate a little on these 2.


1)  Content:  The more original content you have on your site that is relevant to your area of business the better.  There are two very important words here:

  • Original:  The content must be original.  Of course people have tried to get their sites up the search rankings by copying content from other sites.  This might have worked at some point in the past but Google will not be fooled by this now.
  • Relevant:  The words in the content should be words that are relevant to your area of business.  If someone looks for a word and it is not on your site then that person cannot find you.

Our advice - start writing!

2) Links:  It is incoming links that affect your ranking, in other words links TO your web site.  . If someone searches for a word that IS on one of your pages then you WILL be in the search results.  You could be on page number 1000 though and who looks past page 1!  Not many people do with the top 3 positions on page one accounting for 60% of the clicks and 90% of all clicks coming from page 1.  So this means page 2 and all other pages combined account for 10% of clicks - Page 1 is where it is at!  How high up you are is based on how "important" Google thinks your page is - this measure of importance of a page is also known as the pagerank.   Roughly speaking the more incoming links you have the better.  The links should be from relevant sites and the more "important" the sites linking to you are the better.

Getting links from relevant important sites can be difficult.  Hey we said it was simple - we didn't say it was easy!  :-)  Why not give us a shout for a chat about how to get these links?