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Website problems

Does the following tale ring any bells for you?

You needed to get a website done.  You selected a provider who you believed was reputable.  You had a chat with your provider and explained what you wanted on your terms. You payed some money up front.  Your provider disappeared for a few days or weeks and then showed you something a bit like what you asked you for but not really what you wanted.  It seems the provider wasn't really listening when you explained what you wanted and there are a number of big misunderstandings.  They expected you to do things that you expected them to do.  You were put under pressure to accept the web site  even though you were not really happy with it.  You are still not really happy with your website and are having problems with it.

The tale above is typical of what I hear every week from business people who are not happy with their websites.  The big problem here is that many web developers are in a hurry to complete your website and follow the process that suits them rather than the process that gives the best results for you the customer.  I believe that the best process meets the needs of the web developer and the client...